Affordable Pool Tables

Written by James McLean
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Most affordable pool tables come in one of two varieties. Either they are made of flimsy woods, shaky bases, and covered with the kind of flannel you have formerly only seen in bedding; or else they are made of lovely hardwoods, beautifully detailed--and they are three feet long. Needless to say, if you want a table to last without investing in a novelty item, you may have to be a little more resourceful.

Many people assume the tables they see on TV are the only manufacturers that matter. In fact, a number of smaller builders maintain long traditions of gorgeous craftsmanship, an enterprise which demands they devote all their attention to the product and little to marketing. A little poking around the online message boards should reveal local favorites in California, Chicago and New York.

Better Ways

Smaller table manufacturers actually offer a number of important advantages besides just price. Many allow you to customize your table from hundreds of options, tour the shop and even speak with the designers in person. If you are looking for something that most accurately approximates your vision for an outstanding table, it may help to work with people who have the time to listen.

Pros shop at the smaller boutiques all the time. Sometimes the most stunning pieces of handiwork are those that were not pieced together from pre-machined parts in some sprawling industrial facility. If you want quality woodwork and a far lower price than you might expect from one of the big builders, these talented smaller companies may be your best bet for a bargain.

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