Billiard Table Building

Written by James McLean
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Billiard table building is a bit more of an exacting art than many people realize. What looks like a seamless whole forged of cloth and wood is actually an extremely elaborate fusion of disparate parts. No wonder most homespun attempts to create a similar piece tend to end in some version of disaster.

Consider what goes into creating a lasting pool table. You must possess the precision carpentry skills to create rails, legs, the apron, base and cabinet, including detail work such as the sights. Then you must also be able to work with astonishingly heavy slate, tack on cloth that is perfectly level and add in the many leather appointments that make up the pockets. For most people, it simply isn't a feasible undertaking.

The Pros

Even the big companies tend to cut corners where they really shouldn't. The truth is that crafting a pool table that will play level for years takes a considerable amount of experience with architectural techniques, and even companies that do this work for a living may not be in possession of the sort of advanced secrets that make the best artisans shine. No wonder people spend months shopping for the perfectly constructed table.

Thankfully, there are some very skilled companies here in California that do the sort of work that stands the test of time. The best of these offer dozens of colors and varieties of cabinetry to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. If you want a truly solid piece of furniture that will reward with years of gameplay, you may want to look into these top-rated smaller builders.

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