Billiard Table To Dining Table Conversions

Written by James McLean
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Not everyone who loves pool has the room to keep a table up all the time. Full-size pool tables require a lot more room than their footprints, which is why experts recommend a five-foot buffer all the way around to account for shots right on the rail. Needless to say, that's a pretty sizable commitment for any room.

If your pool table is for more than just shooting stick, you may have wondered whether there's a way to convert that surface into something else when you're not playing. A number of companies have stepped in with products of their own, and several of them are actually quite innovative. All you need to take advantage is a little knowledge about which products are best for the cloth and table.

Stylish Choices

If you have ever bought a budget table through a gadget catalog, you may have already seen the kits that convert pool tables into everything from air hockey to ping pong. These are the lighter options, and anyone who invests in such choices would be forgiven for hoping the final result might actually be fun to play. The truth is that most such convertible surfaces do little more than add to the clutter and damage the playing surface of your table over extended use.

Better conversion kits usually turn pool tables into dining room tables. The best of these use real woods and stains to create surfaces that are as inviting as they are duplicitous. Get the right product and your guests will never know they're eating off a piece of playing equipment instead of a stately hardwood centerpiece.

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