Billiard Table Manufacture

Written by James McLean
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Many people do not fully understand exactly what goes into high-quality billiard table manufacturing. Unless you have looked up all the steps online, it may not occur to you right away that building a perfect pool table of tournament caliber takes about the same amount of time, care and expertise as building a grand piano. No wonder so many people pay thousands for the privilege of owning such a work of art in the home.

How many parts are there in a pool table? Estimates range from dozens to hundreds, depending on how you're counting. Whatever your perspective, the fact remains that any good table brings to bear a wide variety of skills, from carpentry and leather work to garment cutting and inlays. Getting it all right takes the kind of eye and patience that many believe is typical of a breed of artisanship that has all but disappeared from American production.

The Goods

Thankfully there are some companies that specialize exclusively in this demanding enterprise. You may know names like Brunswick, Olhausen and Connolly, but many people don't realize that California is home to some of the most celebrated smaller companies in the nation. The best of these boast pro tour client lists that rival even the major companies in prestige and customer satisfaction.

The good news is that these smaller companies will usually give you more options in the cloth, finish, and even the design of the table. You get a lower price and come home with an item that looks and feels as beautiful as the hardwood wonders you see on TV. If you are interested in the details of pool table manufacture and want to see the process up close, you may even get a tour around the shop if you call the right vendor.

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