Billiard Table Reviews

Written by James McLean
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Even a cursory glance at most billiard table reviews will show you that players are far more concerned with how a table plays than how it looks. Just like an avid basketball player would much rather have a ten foot hoop over asphalt than an eight foot hoop over parquet, pool players are particular about the details of their equipment. If anything is just a little bit off, any experienced shooter will know after just one shot.

That's why manufacturers go to such pains to promote the playability of their products. Nearly every major manufacturer has trademarked a name for its cushions, and many use propriety gum rubber blends and angles to justify the marketing expense. Even the pockets themselves must conform to a certain depth and elasticity to carry the brand name of the big builders.

Players Know

That's why failed efforts make their way around cyberspace so fast. Pool table reviews tend to be unsparing in their criticism of any piece that does not promote fast, smooth action, and you had better believe unhappy owners want the world to know. That's why the companies that have consistently earned high marks from hobbyists and pros alike are worth a closer look as you make this important investment.

Many of the major table manufacturers make high quality products, which is why many of their reviews come down more to matters of taste than effectiveness. Smaller builders usually don't earn the same accolades, which is why when you find one that does, it may be worth looking deeper into the catalog. Often the less well-known brands are the best way to get the same quality for a much lower price.

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