Bumper Pool Tables

Written by James McLean
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If you have ever played bumper pool at a friend's home or a bar, you know how addictive this deceptively simple game can be. What appears to be an evenly-spaced series of rubber obstacles can actually beget a tremendous amount of complexity in actual play. No wonder the people who excel at this sport also tend to be some of the best pocket billiards players on the planet.

It all comes down to angles. Instead of bouncing of straight edges like the rails on a traditional pool table, bumper pool requires you contend with round obstructions that magnify every millimeter off the mark. If you got into pool because you like physics and angles like so many of us, you may find bumper pool is among the best ways to sharpen those analytical chops.

Pure Fun with Bumper Pool

Of course the real attraction of bumper pool is the fast and sometimes chaotic game play. Because both sets of balls share a table and the only goal is just slightly larger than each of them, a number of worthy attempts end in unexpected action. That's why experts advise getting tables from manufacturers who take care to construct precision surfaces and proper rubber bumpers.

Only a few companies make playing equipment that is equal to this frenetic game play. If you want a bumper pool table that is built to last, you may have more luck looking into smaller manufacturers in California instead of going to the big national brands. Sometimes that extra TLC pays off with tables that last for decades.

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