Buy A Pool Table

Written by James McLean
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Buying a pool table is easier than it used to be, but buying the one you want can be extremely difficult. Working with major manufacturers is something of a double-edged sword, as the options they offer tend to show a striking similarity. Sure, you will get something that looks like the tables you see on TV, but it may not reflect your own taste quite so well.

The truth is that everything in the design of a pool table is up for grabs, including the rails, cloth, stain, cabinet design and legs. Even the pockets and sights can come in a wide variety of shapes and materials--far more than you are likely to see while poring through the Brunswick catalog. That's why a growing number of discriminating shooters have begun looking elsewhere for custom tables that truly define unique craftsmanship.

Artisan Edge

Some of the best builders in California have been doing this work for over 20 years, with dazzling results. Pros from the two major circuits, as well as transplants from Taiwan and the Philippines have gotten wind of these talented carpenters, and today it's not unusual to find signed headshots of many of the best in the game hanging at these wood shops. Whether you play straight pool, nine-ball or one-pocket, you simply cannot go wrong with a superior table crafted to your exact specifications.

Pool has always been a democratic game. For every Johnny Archer that comes along with classic form, there's a Bustamante or a Mike Davis who cues up in a completely different way. These days the tables have been set free as well, and today the sky's the limit when it comes to dedicated professional builders at the best-regarded boutique shops.

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