Cue Makers

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Although billiards has been played in this country in one form or another for over a century, never has it enjoyed more mainstream popularity than it has over the past fifteen years. I'm sure that half a century ago no pool player could have imagined regularly televised events, sanctioned tournaments with $50,000 prize pools, and Oscar-winning movies with pool at the heart of the story line.

This rise in popularity of the game has given birth to a large industry, which provides pool tables, cues, balls and accessories to a demanding public. It isn't surprising, then, that many manufacturers have been able to expand into large scale operations, producing high volumes of relatively good quality pool cues. What is surprising, however, is that the reverence for a beautifully crafted, high performance personal pool cue has diminished so little.

Smaller Artisan Cue Makers Still Thriving

There are all manner of cue makers in existence today, both large and small operations. Large-scale operations are beneficial to the pool community in that they allow players to purchase good quality cues at relatively low prices. But it is refreshing that in this environment, many smaller operations can still thrive, crafting beautiful production and custom cues that have an artisan quality to them. These cue makers are often revered for their skill and craftsmanship.

Some of the more well known and popular cue makers and cue companies today include Joss Cues, Meucci Cues, Pechauer Cues, and Lucasi Cues. One of the most famous American cue makers, George Balabushka, died in 1975, but his cue designs are still produced by another cue maker, Richard Helmstetter, who also produces his own line of cues. Many other pool cue makers exist, and it is wonderful to see an industry thriving on both ends of the spectrum.

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SC Custom Cue

I myself own a SC cue. After having many cues, everything from Schon to you name it, this cue is hard to beat for overall design and a beautiful finish. The maker obviously puts his heart into every cue. Playing with this cue tells you what great cue it is. Even with the different tips I've tried, does'nt matter, it has a great feel. Thanks, Rc

SC Custom Cue

I just received my first SC Custom Cue by Steve Coffee. I designed it and after several discussions with Steve the final product was outstanding. I couldn't be more pleased and wanted to let others know what a remarkable cue Steve builds. With all the latest computer software and equipment the cue making process field is some what leveled out other than the attention to detail, choice of raw products and the dedication to perfection by the cue maker. I have owned a number of custom cues over the years including Bloodworth, Joss West, Gilbert and have played with many others. None of theses are any better than the cues Steve Coffee is building and some aren't as good a quality. I am so pleased the I have asked Steve to build me a matching jump\break cue less the inlays. I can send\post pictures as requested.