Cuetec Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Cuetec is one of the most visible brand labels in the pool cue market. Often a sponsor of national and international tournaments and televised pool events, and with such high profile player endorsements as Allison Fisher and Earl Strickland, it's no wonder most players have heard the name. Both Strickland and Fisher have won numerous tournaments. In fact, Fisher has one 4 WPA 9-Ball World Championship titles in addition to her many other tournament wins. But Cuetec Cues stand out from the rest of the market for a variety of reasons.

Cuetec: A Solid Cue at an Affordable Price

Probably the first characteristic that comes to mind when considering Cuetec is value. Through an innovative construction process, Cuetec has managed to create a line of personal pool cues that are not only affordable, but offer many of the great play characteristics of much pricier brands and custom made cues. This has been great for the billiards industry, insofar as it has provided an affordable entry into more serious pool for newer players.

Cuetec Cues are a combination of wood and synthetic composite materials. The traditional wood core of the cue is wrapped in either fiberglass or graphite, which makes them much stronger and more durable than traditional all-wood cues. More importantly, this prevents warping and other defects caused by temperature or moisture. Other elements of their construction include stainless steel tips, capped and threaded fiber ferrules, and a unique and dramatic 15 ½ inch shaft taper.

Despite their surprisingly low cost, Cuetec cues come in a variety of designs, both bold and subtle. Exotic woods, points and inlays make these cues look as sharp as many of their more expensive counterparts. Prices start from about $100.

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