Cuetec Pool Sticks

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Chances are if you've hung around a pool hall at all, or even watched pool on television, you've heard of Cuetec pool sticks. Unlike many other cue makers, who prefer to remain low key and focus on high quality, low volume custom pool cues, Cuetec has worked hard to become and remain visible in the industry. This strategy has helped them to become one of the top selling cue makers in the market.

Another element to their strategy seems to be producing good quality cues and offering them at low prices. Cuetec has played a large role in bringing many customers into the market by opening up the low end substantially. While Cuetec pool sticks aren't the traditional, handcrafted (and expensive) artisan cues that are so revered, they seem content not to tackle this end of the market. Their highest priced cue comes in at just $300, a price point that represents some other cue makers' basic models.

Cuetec Cues Provide Quality, Value and Innovation

What is surprising about this strategy is that they have managed to continue creating reasonably high quality cues at low prices, and yet still invest in new developments like the Vortex Shaft. This is a laminated maple shaft with a graphite cross beam embedded inside its entire length. The result is an extremely strong shaft that still reduces cue ball deflection.

Cuetec pool sticks have a composite wood and fiberglass construction. This makes them extremely durable and strong, but coupled with the stainless steel joint, creates a very stiff hit. Many players prefer this, though, so it is not necessarily a bad thing. Allison Fisher, the best overall female pool player the world has ever seen, plays for and with a Cuetec pool stick, as does Earl Strickland, another champion pool player. Although they are likely paid to endorse these cues, it says quite a lot that they have won so many tournaments using Cuetec pool sticks.

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