Custom Oak Pool Tables

Written by James McLean
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Custom oak pool tables represent the gold standard for home players. Instead of the metal-and-plastic monstrosities you often see at bars, these wooden numbers are elegant, flawless and absolutely stunning to behold. No wonder so many of them seem to stay in families for decades and decades.

Oak is the preferred material for quality tables for the simple reason that it can withstand abuse better than other woods. Because oak is high-density hardwood, it will usually contend better with the weight of players over time, keeping your slate firmly lodged in perfect level position. It also looks better than veneers, and will age in a more cohesive and graceful way.

How to Get It

Most of the major builders make oak tables, but many tend to overcharge for the privilege. The truth is that raw oak lumber isn't that much more expensive than other woods, and the markup tends to come because of reputation alone. Sometimes your best bet for a high-quality oak table is to look around Northern California for smaller builders who devote their time to craft instead of marketing gimmicks.

You can't go wrong with a solid oak table, no matter where it comes from. When you choose the stain you like, the cloth color that sets it off just right and the legs that pull the whole table together, you may find yourself with a piece of furniture you will want to admire as often as you play on. For this kind of lasting investment, it may be worth talking to some experts at the different companies for an idea of what you want and how much it will cost.

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