Custom Pool Tables

Written by James McLean
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Custom pool tables are something special, which is why everyone from avid hustlers to serious pros tend to get their own looks every year. You don't have to play like Efren Reyes or Jeanette Lee to get one of these solid wood beauties, and players from California to New York are signing up every year. The result is an unprecedented boom in custom tables that is stretching the frontiers of what pool can be.

There was a time when all pool tables pretty much looked the same. Drop pockets or ball return, the rest was essentially locked in: rails of a certain width, boring legs, and a honey stain. That was long before companies like Connolly came along and started using blond woods, extra-wide rails, industrial and deco design and some of the most stunning cloths ever tacked down.

Indie Boom

Today a vast number of smaller manufacturers are servicing an ever more discriminating clientele. You can get diamond sights in a variety of materials, cherry or walnut rails and the kind of overall design that draws gasps from visitors. With a little ingenuity, you can even design the leather pocket shields to match your own inimitable taste.

Pool tables are evolving, and one only needs to watch a UPA or WPBA match on ESPN to witness the transformation. Although most of these tables come from Olhausen or Brunswick, it's easy to find elite smaller names if you know where to look on the Web. The best of these can save you thousands on a truly stunning table, which you help design from head string to toe.

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