Elephant Balls

Written by Tadashi Moody
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If you're in the market for a billiard table, you have more choices today than ever. There are many manufacturers who make beautifully handcrafted tables that are related more closely to a fine piece of furniture than to the old pool hall and bowling alley tables tables of yore. You can choose from different woods and stains to match your decor precisely. You can choose your color of felt, or even the color of your chalk.

When choosing a set of pool balls, you of course want to make sure that they meet specifications for regulation billiard balls. But if you really want to set apart your billiard room from others, you'll want to take a look at Elephant Balls. You might recognize the name if you have watched ESPN's Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge, as they are a major sponsor.

Elephant Beautiful Balls: Precision and Beauty

Elephant Beautiful Balls, the company's most striking product, have served as the official tournament balls for several televised events. This is a unique set of precisely molded and perfectly finished billiard balls. Their marbled coloring, coupled with traditional pool ball colors sets them apart from standard sets, and each ball is a unique piece of art in and of itself. If you are looking for something even more outrageous, check out the Lunar Rocks, a set of pool balls featured in the move Pluto Nash, or the Stars and Stripes set which is designed to be taken to a pool hall, and home again.

Elephant Balls puts just as much care and precision into crafting its many other products, including their Traditional Series pool balls. This regulation set of perfect spheres are as durable as they are beautiful, and will play well for many, many years. In addition, their innovative training aids such as the E-Z Shot Cueball and the Elephant Practice Balls have helped take many a player's game to a higher level.

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