Falcon Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Because of Canada's rich forested landscape, the Canadian forestry and wood product industry is one of the most productive and well developed in the world. So if you're in the market for a quality handmade pool cue, Falcon Cues, located in Ontario, Canada, is certainly worth taking a look at. They have been in business for twelve years, and offer a full line of custom and high performance pool cues.

Play Characteristics of Falcon Cues

Falcon cues offer a stiffer, more solid hit than other brands. This arises from their precision stainless steel joint, which provides for proper alignment every time you assemble your cue. Triangle tips and Aegis ferrules come together to create the unique play characteristics of Falcon Cues, which many top players prefer.

In addition to their precision milled hard rock maple shafts, the forearms and butt-sleeves of Falcon cues are handcrafted with exotic materials such as birdseye maple, cocobolo, and snake wood, and include striking inlays, points, and other design elements that make Falcon Cues stand out. An Irish Linen wrap and strong finish make these cues highly durable.

In today's world of celebrity endorsements and big-money deals, it is sometimes hard to judge a product by its affiliations. But when players such as Nick Varner and Karen Corr, the top ranked female pool player in the world use Falcon Cues, it is reasonable to assume that these are high quality instruments that play well. As a further testament, Falcon cues was awarded the 1995 Cues of the Year Award in Europe.

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