Handcrafted Pool Tables

Written by James McLean
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There is something about handcrafted pool tables that makes them infinitely more attractive to an experienced player. Maybe it's the fine detail work, maybe the lovingly finished woodwork, but true craftsmanship continues to enchant in homes across the country. No wonder so many pros forego the big manufacturers for a taste of this unique indulgence.

The good news is that many handcrafted tables in Northern California actually cost less than they would in other parts of the country. Quality manufacturers have ready proximity to lumber and extensive experience, which makes these homespun projects a little easier to bankroll. Add in an avid playing population and you begin to get a sense of why business is so brisk for these boutique builders.

Expect It All

What can you expect from a handcrafted table that you wouldn't get from a major company? Custom rails, gently contoured aprons, two-tone cloth and just about any sights, in any material, you could ask for. The truth is that what lies between the cushions is all that matters when you play pool, and much of the rest of that design can be altered to suit any taste.

There are premium ways to buy pool tables just as there are premium ways to invest in furniture, golf clubs or anything else. If you are looking for a stunning centerpiece that will stand the test of time, you may want to look into these smaller builders. The best of them will conduct lengthy interviews with you to ensure you are getting precisely the table you've always dreamed of.

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