Joss Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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In today's era of big-box retailers and mass-production overseas, many people often overlook the beauty of family-run businesses and hand-crafted products made here in the United States. For some products, how, when, and where they are made may seem rather unimportant. But for an item such as a custom pool cue, knowing that exquisite care and attention to detail by artisans and craftsmen went into making it can turn a basic piece of recreational equipment into a work of art or a cherished possession.

Based in Maryland, Joss Cues is a truly family-owned company that has been making billiards cues since 1968. Today, cuemaker Dan Janes and son Stephen Janes make some of the most beautiful, high performance cues on the market. The Janes have made custom cues for many famous players and celebrities, and few people know that the famous "Balabushka" cue in the Oscar-winning film "Color of Money" was actually a Joss Cue. Despite all of this Joss cues remains a relatively small, low-profile company which allows them to dedicate serious time and effort to creating these excellent custom cues.

Janes signature style of cue making is innovative, while maintaining the traditional look and values of old time cues. His designs are striking, using a variety of exotic woods such as birdseye maple and cocobolo. Inlays of such materials as ebony and pearl give Joss cues their unique look. All Joss cues come with high quality components such as Triangle tips and Aegis Linen ferrules.

Create a Truly Custom Joss Cue

While many cues may come with the claim that they are "custom-made," they really are not since the customer simply chooses from models already designed and constructed by the cue maker. But when ordering a cue from Joss, you can virtually create your own design by mixing and matching from a large selection of butt styles, point styles, joints and wraps. You can even create your own custom cue on their web site, and get pricing instantly.

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