Mcdermott Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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For those in the market for their own personal cue sticks, there are many manufacturers to choose from, ranging from small custom outfits to high volume manufacturers. For some, a basic two-piece cue stick will do, and for others, no price is too high for the perfect custom beauty. But even for the budget minded, quality should be a top priority. Many manufacturers offer quality craftsmanship throughout their product lines, so you can be sure no matter how much you spend, you will be getting a good product.

McDermott cues fits this mold with a complete line of production cues that will likely satisfy anyone in the market for their own cue stick. They are known for their solid hit and consistent play and are used by many professional pool players. And the craftsmanship of their 15 artisan cue makers results in some of the most beautiful cues on the market, allowing you to express yourself through your cue.

Regarding performance and play, McDermott uses high quality materials such as well-seasoned hard rock maple and ivorine 3 ferrules. Their joints are wood-to-wood, which is widely known to provide better feel in your hit. Many people also prefer McDermott cues because they are well balanced, providing a solid hit that translates into cue ball control.

McDermott Cues Offers Something for Everyone

McDermott offers a complete line to choose from. The value-based Competitor Series starts at just $139, while the top of the line Elite series boasts some of the most beautifully handcrafted pool cues in the world. One of the best benefits of buying a McDermott cue is that it will come with a lifetime warranty which even covers warping, something no other manufacturer offers.

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