Meucci Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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For someone in the market for a custom cue it would be hard to go wrong with a Meucci cue. One of the most visible members of the cue manufacturing community, Bob Meucci understands the important characteristics of cue construction like no one else. He is often pictured with his "Myth Destroyer" apparatus, which tests performance of cues and as the name implies, tests commonly held beliefs about cues.

Of the important concepts that Meucci preaches, none is more important to him than deflection. Cue ball deflection, or the slight error that occurs when a player strikes the cue ball off center (with english) is a very important factor for advanced players. Meucci designs his cues specifically to minimize deflection, thus enhancing ball control. His "Black Dot Bullseye" and "Red Dot" shafts, in combination with his unique shock absorbing ferrules, are designed just for this purpose.

Meucci Cues Provide Both Craftsmanship and Performance

To fully appreciate the quality of craftsmanship that goes into Meucci cues, one only needs to examine the manufacturing process. Each and every component (with the exception of the tips) of a Meucci cue is manufactured by Meucci Originals itself. They even own and operate their own saw mill, and thus can choose the highest-grade maple with the best grain and properties.

While Meucci cues are considered high-end in the industry, Meucci Originals offers a full line of cues so that even the budget minded can play with one. Prices range from $279 for a basic cue with all the Meucci characteristics, to over $2000 for beautiful, handmade cues with exquisite detail and inlay work that are truly works of art. Pick your pool weapon of choice, and you will undoubtedly play better with a Meucci cue.

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