Meucci Pool Sticks

Written by Tadashi Moody
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The current versions of pocket billiards in America have remained essentially unchanged for over a century. In many ways, this is a testament to the enduring nature of this sport. In others, it may seem quite short-sighted. By and large, pool sticks--the player's tool--have remained the same as well. Many of the most beautiful cues made today are very similar in construction and design to those of many decades ago.

It seems inevitable then that someone should come along to break with tradition and question the conventional wisdom. That person is Bob Meucci, maker of Meucci pool sticks. By closely examining the physics behind the pool stroke, Meucci has been able to challenge some of the most commonly held beliefs, and in the process, create a cue that simply plays better.

Meucci: Challenging Conventional Wisdon

Take for example the seemingly simple concept of the break. Many if not all players up until now have believed that a heavier cue would provide greater force when breaking. Examining this more closely, Meucci realized that the mass of the cue has far less influence on the power of the break than the speed the cue is traveling when it strikes the cue ball. Thus with a lighter cue a player can generate more speed, resulting in a more powerful break.

Taken a step further, Meucci realized that the long axis flex, or "spine" of the pool cue has an effect on the break as well. Creating a shaft with the proper resonance and compression adds power to the hit as well. These and other concepts go directly into the engineering of Meucci pool sticks. Combine this scientific approach with an artists eye, and the result is some of the best-quality, most beautiful cues on the market today.

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