Mezz Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Many people in the United States might make the assumption that just because a pool cue is manufactured overseas that it is of lesser quality than those manufactured in the US. Stereotypes have carried over from other industries and past eras. But the truth is that there are good and bad cue makers both at home and abroad.

The Japanese have a proud tradition in woodworking. They have developed many techniques and unique woodworking tools over many centuries. It is in this tradition that Yuji Miki founded the Miki Company in 1960. A son of a traditional Japanese woodworker, Miki started by making one piece cues using a machine that he constructed himself. In the seventies and eighties, Miki constructed pool, snooker, and carom cues under contract for an American company.

Mezz Cues: 40 Years of Cue Making Experience

Today, Yuji Miki and his son Kazunori are bringing over 40 years of cue making experience to bear on their own line of custom pool cues, Mezz cues. Mezz cues stand out from others in their use of Miki's proprietary "United Joint" system, which provides for precise butt-shaft alignment each time. Miki also offers a unique hybrid shaft, composed of maple and carbon fiber, combined to create a much stronger and accurate cue.

Mezz cues offers a complete line of playing, break and jump cues. They come fitted with Moori tips, Irish linen wraps, weight balancing system, and some beautiful, unique and striking custom inlays. Players can choose between the Mezz hybrid shaft and the Predator 314 shaft, which is specially designed to reduce deflection.

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