Mlb Pool Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Sports and billiards tend to go hand in hand. Many home game rooms are adorned with sports memorabilia and have a pool table at their center. Any given sports bar is bound to include billiards as well. Maybe it is that pool is an equally competitive game of skill, simply played indoors instead of out. Whatever the reason, it is a good bet that if someone is a serious sports fan, they will like to play pool too.

Baseball is known as the national pastime, our summer delight. Many young boys learn to throw balls and swing bats soon after they are walking on two feet. Accordingly, baseball fans tend to define the word "fanatic" as being intensely loyal to their teams, showing their team colors any chance they get. If this sounds like you, and you enjoy billiards enough to invest in your own pool cue, wouldn't it be great to be able to show your support for your favorite team while playing pool?

MLB Pool Cues: Improve Your Game and Show Your Spirit

In this spirit, Eliminator Cues has created a line of quality performance cues with labels of each of the Major League Baseball teams on them. Priced at around $100, these MLB pool cues have many features found in higher priced cues. Each MLB team logo cue comes with LePro tips and nylon/fiber threaded ferrules, which are durable and provide for a compact, solid hit. Irish Linen wraps on the butt section provide a comfortable grip for precise play.

The affordable price of these cues does not belie their quality craftsmanship. Each custom MLB team cue is made with Northern Michigan hard rock maple, the best material for pool cues due to its straightness of grain and hardness. The butt section has a maple core bonded strongly to fiberglass, making it highly durable and resistant to warping from the elements for the life of the cue. These cues can make a special gift for your favorite Red Sox fan, Giants booster, or Cubs backer.

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