Nfl Pool Sticks

Written by Tadashi Moody
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If you or someone you know is a football fanatic looking for a new way to show your team spirit or a new place to display your team's logo, an NFL pool stick may be just the ticket. Bring your own cue with you to the sports bar, and while your team is beating your friend's team on the field, you can be beating him on the felt. For loyal football fans like you, team spirit is the highest form of self-expression.

Show Your Team Spirit With an NFL Pool Stick

Eliminator Cues had you in mind when creating this line of pool sticks, each bearing the colors and logos of your favorite teams. If you are a Forty Niners fan, you can drown your sorrows from last season over a beer and a game of pool while your friends make fun of you. If you are a Patriots fan, you can rub it in the faces of Eagles fans at the pool hall by showing off your glossy new silver cue with an authentic logo on the butt sleeve.

These NFL pool sticks will not only give you something to cheer about on the field, they will take your billiards game up a notch as well. Made of maple, wrapped with fiber glass, they are exceedingly durable and resistant to the elements. You can take comfort knowing that the hard rock maple is grown right here in the United States in Northern Michigan.

The Irish linen wrap will keep your hands dry, even when it's fourth and goal on the one yard line with eight seconds on the clock. The nylon/fiberglass ferrule and LePro tip will provide a compact, solid hit so that, even if your team is eliminated from the playoffs, you can still eliminate your opponent from the nine ball tournament. Priced at about $100, an NFL pool stick will make a nice gift for that loved one who just won't get up off the couch on Sundays during the season.

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