Pechauer Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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It only makes sense that those pool players looking for their own personal or custom cue sticks would, more often than not, be concerned with the details of its construction and crafting. After all, a personal cue stick is no small investment, and for someone who spends many hours playing a game they love, quality of the equipment is important. When an item like a pool cue is hand made with superior care and craftsmanship, you can feel relatively sure that it will play well too.

Pechauer Cues Parts and Components

For those who take this sort of an interest, Pechaer cues are worth taking a close look at. Probably the most outstanding characteristic of Pechauer cues is that the company hand crafts virtually all of the parts of the cue, many of which other cue makers buy from outside sources. Joint screws, ferrules, brass inserts, and weight screws are all manufactured in-house. Pechauer even has its own forest and mill, which allows them to hand select hard rock maple with only the straightest grain and best characteristics for their shafts.

The butt sections of Pechauer cues are quite striking, handcrafted from such materials as cocobolo, tulip wood, ebony and other materials. The custom fit inlays show no glue lines. A color coded weight screw system allows easy changing of weight. Beautiful and comfortable wraps round out these hand crafted beauties. Pechauer cues are made with stainless steel joints, providing for a stiffer hit, so be sure this is your preference or try them out before buying.

Pechauer offers a complete line of cue sticks ranging in price from $280 for the basic Pro-J to over $1500 for some of the most beautiful cues around, so you can make a choice that fits virtually any budget. But you can be sure that each cue is made with the same care and craftsmanship.

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