Pool Cue Brands

Written by Tadashi Moody
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For a novice pool player ready to take the next step and buy his own cue stick, the task of selecting a cue can be daunting. Particularly in today's era of internet sales and one-click shopping, there are dozens of pool cue brands and models to choose from. Maybe you have heard that a particular brand is good or bad. Or maybe you've seen a pro play with a certain model. But how do you know for sure what brand of pool cue to choose?

Pool Cue Brands: Try Before You Buy

The most important thing you can do is to play with a variety of cues before you buy one. This may not always be possible, but even playing with one or two will give you a vastly better idea of what a manufacturer or retailer is talking about when he describes the specifications or play characteristics of a cue to you. Second, remember that it is you who will be playing with the cue, not someone else. If there is a cue you like, go for it!

Third, familiarize yourself with the terms. Understanding what a "wood-to-wood joint" is and how it affects play, or what a linen wrap does, will help you choose more wisely. Fourth, understand that there are many types of pool cue manufacturers and brands, ranging from large-scale, low-quality factory productions, to small scale, one-at-a-time hand artisan-craftsmen.

Finally, don't get caught up in the latest gossip about a particular pool cue brand, especially if it is only a few folks around you making claims, good or bad. Certainly take note of people's opinions or reviews, but remember that a pool cue is a personal weapon of choice for your game. Pool players are an opinionated and often very scrutinizing bunch, and a hundred pool players will probably have just as many different opinions about cue sticks.

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