Pool Cue Racks

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Whether you are setting up your own billiards table at home or at your bar or pool hall, you will want to protect your investment in pool cues by purchasing a rack for them. Particularly if you have expensive custom cue sticks, you don't want to store them flat or leaning against a wall, and will want to delay the inevitable dents and dings in the shafts or butts that come with use and time. A nice pool cue rack will not only protect and store your pool cues out of the way, but it can be a nice furniture addition to the room as well.

Options for Pool Cue Racks

Pool cue racks come in a few different forms. Wall racks mount to your wall and are the most unobtrusive. They can be as simple as two-piece racks, made of plastic or a variety of woods, and mounted with just a few screws. The bottom piece supports the base of the cue sticks, while the top piece holds them upright. The top piece can either use open ended, flexible plastic clips, or have closed holes. In this latter instance you must mount the rack high enough so one can insert the cue from the bottom up. Prices for this type of rack range from about eight dollars to over thirty.

Wall mounted racks can also be of the large frame type. If you are at home, and have the space and the money, these racks are a much better option, as they can include shelves to store your billiards balls, chalk, ball rack, and other accessories as well. Made from a variety of woods, you can choose these racks to compliment your pool table or other furniture. Prices range from $150 to $250.

The final option is a free standing pool cue rack. These have the advantage of being mobile, and you don't have to mount them to the wall. They usually include space to store pool accessories as well. The only disadvantage is that they will take up more space.

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