Pool Cue Reviews

Written by Tadashi Moody
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If you are a discerning shopper like I am, then you probably always take people's opinions of products with a grain of salt, particularly regarding pool cue reviews. Because when it comes to what comprises a good pool cue, there are about as many opinions as there are players.

When I bought my first cue, I didn't have much of an idea of what to look for, much less what any of the terms meant. But I was only spending about $100 and I was sure whatever I got for that price was going to be better than the old beat up house cues that I had been using. When I was considering buying my second cue, however, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. Still, I listened to other player's opinions and read some reviews of the pool cue brand I thought I wanted. I considered them, but they ultimately didn't change my mind. And I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

Pool Cue Reviews: Distinguishing Between Preference and Truth

One caveat to heed when reading pool cue reviews or listening to someone's rant or rave is that different cue brands play differently. Sometimes even different models within a brand play differently. Every player has preferences and opinions about how a cue should play. So if a particular cue doesn't match that player's expectations, some players will write it off as a bad cue, instead of chalking it up to personal preference. You should try to distinguish between the two.

On the flip side, one place where you should pay particular attention, especially if you are spending a significant amount of money, is in durability and craftsmanship. Like many other products, one report of defect or premature failure might be written off as random. But many reports of this should raise a red flag. The bottom line is that you should read the pool cue reviews, but in the end decide for yourself.

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Your cue is definitely important. I have found that after the $200 mark though, most cues are interchangeable, it's more important to get what fits you better than anything else. I think Predator cues are pretty great buy you might not, go with your gut after meeting certain quality standards. I'm personally using a sneaky pete cue on my pool table.

I would suggest looking at the perfect drawer for storage though.