Pool Cues Online

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Before the advent of the Internet and online retailers, buying the perfect cue was simply not easy. Most pool halls would have a small selection from one or two manufacturers for sale. If you were lucky enough, you might have a billiards supply shop in your area, which would have a slightly larger selection. Otherwise, you would have to know what you wanted, and who to call.

Like many other industries, the Internet has revolutionized the pool cue and billiard accessory industry. Instead of being at the mercy of the pool hall owner or billiards shop manager, we can now go online, choose from dozens of retailers, and peruse literally hundreds of models in a very short period of time. You can see pictures of the designs, and read about their construction. And in a few short clicks, you can have your own custom pool cue paid for and in the mail, on its way to you.

Buying Pool Cues Online: A Few Caveats

But there are a few drawbacks to this so-called revolution. First, try to imagine buying a pair of shoes without trying them on first. While you may know your size, each manufacturer may have a slightly different idea of fit. Similarly with billiards, no two brands will play or feel exactly the same. If at all possible, try before you buy.

Second, don't be fooled by slick marketing and/or fancy designs and graphics. In one sense, if a cue is handcrafted with care and attention to detail, it is probably a good bet that it will play well, but not necessarily. Beautiful inlays and designs can turn a pool cue into a work of art, but I'm sure most of us, given a choice, would rather it played well. Be sure to read specifications carefully, and know what they mean. Get a sense of what effect the different components and materials will have on the cue's play characteristics. Unless you know what you're ordering, be leery of any retailer that doesn't offer good information on their cues.

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