Pool Table Accessories

Written by James McLean
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Most pool table accessories are the kinds of products you wouldn't want anywhere in your home, let alone your game room. At some moment in the history of billiards, the accessories side of the equation seems to have been taken over by peddlers of kitsch and sports paraphernalia, an event from which they have never quite recovered. The truth is that quality pool accessories can actually be quite stunning if you get them from the right place.

What is a pool accessory? The term refers to any number of collateral products that make the game play complete, from racks and balls to lights, cue racks and table brushes. Even the spectator chairs and chalk must be made right if you are to enjoy a good game of nine-ball the way the pros do it--fast and flawless.

Good Vendors

It probably comes as no surprise that the companies that tend to carry the finest accessories are also the ones that specialize in top-flight tables. Of course the best products go hand-in-hand with the best tables, and an eye for design in one area usually carries over into the other. That's why the finest table manufacturers take pains to turn their showrooms into one-stop shopping for the avid hustler looking to put together that dream room.

All you need is a little patience and an eye for telling details. The finest lights cast an even glow over the playing surface so you aren't distracted by shadows or glare. The best cues are generally those that come with a single joint, proper screw and a tapered shaft that terminates at 11 millimeters. If you want to work with the best tools, it may help to look online for the best shops in your area.

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