Pool Table Manufacturers

Written by James McLean
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Not all pool table manufacturers do quality work, which is why you see so many crumbling playing surfaces in homes these days. The truth is that it takes a tremendous facility with carpentry, masonry and finishing skills to even approximate a playable table. Do all the preliminary work right and you may have merely gotten the table to the point many would consider adequate.

The true challenge comes in working all those disparate materials into a cohesive whole. Drop pockets with leather covers, diamond sights and perfectly-honed cushions require a good deal of knowledge about what stains and warps will last a lifetime. Even the legs have to be powerful enough to withstand the weight of lunging plus-size players trying to reach a ball trapped just inside the long rail.

Nothing but Craft

Pool tables resemble a great many things: furniture, athletic equipment, even art. As such, their construction must serve a great many masters, from passing the aesthetic test to remaining perfectly level despite years of heavy use. If any of these parts of the equation are thrown out of balance, you could quickly find yourself the proud owner of a rather elaborate and useless piece of furniture.

The best pool table manufacturers do all their work in-house, so that all the parts are perfectly compatible. They cut the slate, machine the legs, sculpt the rails from pure gum rubber and finish the entire table in the cloth of your choice. For many players tired of the same old offerings from major manufacturers, these custom houses can be a great way to express their individualism.

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