Pool Tables And Accessories

Written by James McLean
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These days it's easy to find sites on the Web that boast vast inventories of pool tables and accessories. That means everything from Brunswick tables to tip scuffer and cue racks, even in matched sets if you so desire. What you may miss at one of these enormous depots is something a little more subtle.

You don't see a lit of column inches devoted to the subject in Architectural Digest, but putting together a game room takes some very grown-up skills. A number of avid players buy the silly clock and the sports logo pool light without giving much thought to how that room will look 10 or 20 years down the line. What they miss out on is the pleasure of owning a plush space as elegant as it is ready for action.

Quality Matters

That's where some of the smaller sites come in. Instead of pulling together Amazon inventories, these are the companies that focus on the very best items, from lights to spectator chairs and more. Instead of Target, these are the Restoration Hardwares of the gaming world, and those who have discovered them consider such portals one-stop shopping for their stunning game rooms.

There are better ways to get accessories, and better prices at which to find them. Smaller shops that place a premium on outstanding products are much more likely to undersell the big junk peddlers for the simple reason that customer loyalty is their stock in trade. Whether you are looking for chalk holders or that latest Predator cue, you may be better served at a vendor where your business is met with true integrity.

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