Predator Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Of the many custom pool cue makers on the market today, Predator is one of the most well known and liked. In an informal online survey by Inside Pool Magazine, Predator cue sticks were chosen as the overall favorite from over 384 votes. Predator Products claims that over half of the top ranked male professional players, including Alex Pagulayan and the USA's Charlie Williams, use Predator cues without being paid.
Predator's Patented Technology to Reduce Deflection
One of Predator's claims to fame is a patented technology for their shafts, which is designed to reduce cue ball deflection. Deflection is the error in accuracy created when a player uses english on the ball (hits it off center). When the cue ball is hit with english, a stiff shaft causes it to move off of its intended trajectory. Predator's shafts allow for the cue to be deflected rather than the ball, providing for greater shot accuracy.

The other play characteristics of predator cues are desirable to many pros, amateurs, and recreational players. They provide a medium stiff hit which comes from their stainless steel joint and longer taper. They are balanced well, feel solid, a provide positive feed back for the player, which results in better control. Aesthetically, Predator designs range from basic to intricate, using high quality materials such as birdseye maple, ebony points, mother of pearl inlays, and Irish linen wraps.

Predator cues can be customized in many ways. They offer several different joint options, as any good cue manufacturer should. You can also choose from several different weights and two different tips. As a testament to their belief in their work, Predator offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on their cues or shafts, and a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

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