Schon Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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What is the difference between a custom made billiards cue and a production billiards cue? The question may seem easy to answer, but lets take a closer look. One view might say that "production cues" are made by large companies with the ability to mass produce large quantities of the same model, while a "custom cue company" is a small company that manufactures each cue by hand and no two cues are alike. Another view would be that the term "custom cue" only refers to a cue that is tailor-made for a specific customer, while "production cues" are designed by the manufacturer without any one person in mind.

But what about small cue makers who's artisans hand-make only ten or twenty of the same model? Would those cues be production cues simply because there is more than one? Or does the craftsmanship that goes into each and every individual cue warrant the term "custom"? Schon Custom Cues, a leading manufacturer of high quality billiards cues, agrees with the latter. Schon takes great pride in calling themselves one of the oldest custom cue manufacturers in the country.

Schon Custom Cues: Pride in Craftsmanship

Finding a specific model of Schon cue can sometimes be difficult because of limited quantities, but many players would say it is worth the hunt. The company is composed of only five people who craft each billiard cue with exquisite care and attention to detail. They offer a complete line ranging from classic favorites from over 20 years of cue making, to limited editions and one of a kind cues.

Their base model is priced at $595, which is considerably higher than many other companies opening price points. But buyers can be assured that they are paying for higher quality, artisan crafted, American made cues. Shcon cues are often known for their incorporation of unique and exotic materials. Players who prefer a stiff hit will appreciate Schon's stainless steel joint and shorter taper.

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