Viking Cues

Written by Tadashi Moody
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When a pool player is looking to purchase a cue stick, whether it is their first one or their twenty-first, he or she should consider many factors. Of course the cue should meet the specific needs of the player. But a good pool cue should last many years, and as such should be considered a long-term investment, whether you are spending $100 or $1000. So it is important to consider also what went into making the cue.

There are many pool cue manufacturers today. Some are low-buck outfits that mass-produce cues with little consideration for craftsmanship and quality. But many others take great pride in the quality of their product and the resulting performance enjoyed by their customers. Using the latest high-tech equipment, proven materials and an artisan's eye, these manufacturers create some of the best performing and beautiful pool cues on the market today.

Viking Cues: Since 1965

One such manufacturer is Gordon Hart of Viking Cues. He has been in the business since 1965 and has seen its booms and busts. Starting from his basement, his operation of high tech equipment and full sales staff has evolved over the years. Through it all, however, he has continued to handcraft some of the finest cues available. Today Viking cues are some of the most well known and visible cues on the market.

Knowing this instills confidence that buying a Viking cue is a good investment. Viking offers a wide range of cue options, ranging from your basic no-frills two-piece cue stick, to top of the line, intricately detailed works of art. Prices range from $150 to over $1300 for a precision instrument adorned with birds-eye maple, snakewood and ivory-colored inlays, and a comfortable linen wrap. You can customize your cue with your choice of weight, joint type, shaft diameter, and linen wrap color.

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