Viking Pool Sticks

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Pool is a game that can simultaneously be both exciting and meditative, deceptively simple yet surprisingly complex, joyously fun to play with friends or highly serious and competitive in tournaments and leagues. This is one of the reasons many people love this game--because of its many different facets. For those that find the emotions of this game compelling, and who decide to play on more than just a recreational level, a personal pool stick is a must.

Viking Cues: The Oldest Cue Manufacturer in the United States

Viking Cues has been been producing high performance pool sticks since early 1965. They currently hold the title of oldest cue manufacturer in the United States. This level of commitment and longevity belies the dedication of its founder Gordon Hart. While the equipment he uses to create Viking cue sticks may be far more advanced than when he began, the same craftsmanship and care goes into each cue.

Offering more than 100 models of cues, they aim to meet the needs of everyone from the budget-minded to the professional. As a testament to their continuing attention to detail and artisan nature, Viking manufactures many of the components that other cue makers buy in bulk, such as ferrules, joints, and tips. But one need only to note the many professional players who have used and continue to use Viking pool sticks, to gain an appreciation for these instruments.

Viking cues are known for their soft to medium hit, which derives from their plastic joints and collars. Cue ball deflection, a major concern for more advanced players, is minimized with their proprietary ferrule material and pro tapered shafts. In addition, Hart and his team maintain an eye for both the old and new, and work these concepts into their bold and beautiful designs.

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