Baseball Pinball

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Baseball pinball has taken many forms over the years. From a tin, hand held game, to hand crafted wooden games, to pinball machines, baseball pinball has been one of the most popular types of games for years. Some of these games are a real piece of nostalgia as well.

Baseball Pinball: Games for the Home

The tin baseball game of pinball seems to be the most popular and well known. Tiny marbles are flung into the "field" by little launchers. Whatever base is landed on, represented by little holes the marbles fall into, determines the points received. It's like a hand held version of bulls-eye darts.

The wooden versions of the game require a little more skill. Just the right amount of pressure and aim must be applied to make the ball go where you want. Again, the object is to land in the areas of the field that will score the most points. Players take turns, adding up points until a winner is determined. (Whoever gets to one hundred points first, for example.)

Pinball Fever

Although it is not as popular a subject for pinball games made today, some of the first, vintage pinball machines found in arcades used baseball as their theme. These games were unique in the same manner their hand held counterparts were in that the object was to make the balls hit specific locations on the board to score points. The paddles even more appropriately represented a batter hitting the ball over the plate.

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