Bingo Card Paper

Written by Patricia Skinner
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What is Bingo Card Paper?

Another essential part of any bingo game, whether it's a small social event or a large commercial enterprise, is bingo cards. These can come in two forms. Either a permanent, laminated card, which is reused by players, or a disposable type of bingo card. These are sold in sheets and are known as bingo card paper.

Once a player has his or her bingo card paper and the game begins, the caller will call the numbers and each player will cross off any numbers that are called that are listed on the bingo card paper. The first player to get a straight line of numbers, or in some cases, a number in each corner, will call out bingo. Once the numbers have been verified, then he or she is a winner.

Checking Your Bingo Card Paper

The process of checking bingo card paper by a floor checker is essential, not only to eliminate cheating, but to satisfy all the other players that the player really is the winner. This keeps bingo games friendly, and thwarts even the worst losers! Sometimes it happens that there is more than one winner to a bingo game. In this case, prize money is split equally.

Some players buy more bingo card paper in the hope of increasing their chance of winning. A good tip is never to buy more than you can effectively watch, otherwise you run the risk of missing your winning numbers anyway. You may well be making the game a lot more expensive than it needs to be and certainly a lot more stressful. To increase your chances of winning, pick a game that doesn't have too many players. A packed bingo hall means less chance of winning.

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