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Written by Patricia Skinner
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Raising Your Odds at Bingo

If you're studying the game of bingo with the hope of raising your odds of winning at bingo, you'll probably be interested to know a thing or two about bingo card statistics. The fact is that bingo card statistics are pretty hard to study. The odds involve such amazingly huge numbers.

Let's take the total number of possible number combinations on bingo cards.
Believe it or not, that number is 552,446,4557,061,129,000,000,000,000. So forget it if you think you're going to find a system for playing bingo cards by studying the statistics! Quite simply, the fun of bingo for many people is that you simply can't devise a "system" for winning. Your chances are the same as anyone else's in the room!

You Can't Study Bingo Card Statistics!

A far better plan is to look at other methods for raising your odds. For example, never play a really crowded bingo game. You have far better odds for winning at a bingo game with fewer players, even though the prize may be smaller.

Also, don't think that buying as many bingo cards as you can fit on the table in front of you will give you a better shot at winning. The truth is that no matter how fast you are, there's a limit to how many numbers you can scan. Don't run the risk of missing your winning numbers by trying to watch too many bingo cards. Keep the game simple and you will enjoy it more, which is surely at least partly the object.

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