Bingo Chips

Written by Patricia Skinner
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What are Bingo Chips?

You might be wondering how one would use bingo chips. Well the answer is that in an ordinary game of bingo you wouldn't use bingo chips. They are for use in a new kind of bingo game. Another, very popular version of bingo has been introduced called decision bingo.

This is played in the same way as regular bingo except for the fact that bingo chips are used for the purchase of the bingo cards. The rules of decision bingo are that players have the option to pull out of bingo games, or they are free to continue playing. Players must first purchase chips for the purpose of buying bingo cards then.

Playing Decision Bingo

Before a decision bingo game begins, the caller will announce the exact number of bingo cards in play. After the first three numbers have been called, the player can then decide whether to continue playing or to withdraw. If the player decides to continue with that game, then they have to "ante" one of their bingo chips. Then three more numbers will be called and again the player will be able to decide whether to quite or continue playing as before.

Decision bingo continues in this fashion, with all the players paying in bingo chips if they decide to stay in the game. Then, when a winner is announced with a one line bingo, they will be awarded all the bingo chips paid as antes during that particular game. There is a limit to the total prize money for this kind of bingo game.

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