Bingo Dauber Bags

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Keeping Your Precious Daubers Safe

Marking your numbers off on your bingo card during a game is so important to bingo players that most of them take no chances. Bingo players take pride in their collection of daubers, as bingo markers are affectionately called. This means they need somewhere safe to keep them!

Hence, the development of bingo dauber bags. They are specially designed to hold the necessary assortment of bingo daubers along with lucky charms and anything else that players have a mind to tote along to their bingo game. Novelty bingo daubers are notoriously large, so bingo dauber bags have to be up to the task.

Range and Choice of Bingo Dauber Bags

Many of them are quite large, and a good selection of bingo dauber bags come as sets with tote bags and even bingo cushions. They often measure around 8 inches by 12, although can be somewhat larger, and usually cost around $20. Some are a little larger and some a little smaller, but where the real variety comes in is in the design of bingo dauber bags.

They come in an amazing array of different colors and designs. If you have some other special interest, you're sure to be able to find bingo dauber bags to reflect that. Have a favorite cartoon character or pop star? Look for a bingo dauber bag to reflect your interests. You can even find "designer" bingo dauber bags, which are often made by lots of love and care by hand by bingo enthusiasts.

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