Bingo Markers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Pros and Cons of Bingo Markers

Bingo markers, the oversized ink pens used for marking off numbers on bingo cards, are usually called daubers in bingo lingo and are also called dabbers in some bingo circles. Different bingo players swear by different styles of bingo markers, and preference is largely a matter of taste and personal style. They come in all manner of bright colors, including gold and silver, and are as brightly colored as possible.

Many bingo players have a huge collection of bingo markers. Supposedly to make sure they are never at a loss for something to mark off their numbers with, but in reality it seems they just like the colorful display! They come in several sizes, but all large! You can find 3oz and 4oz bingo markers.

Go For Quality Bingo Markers and Avoid Mess

There are several different qualities of bingo markers. It's best to go for the better makes because they offer more controlled ink flow for better marking and elimination of leaks and spillages of ink. Bingo markers often come in packs of five, six or seven of the brightest colors possible such as fuchsia pink, yellow, green, purple and blue. You can also get fluorescent bingo markers that are even brighter than usual.

If you are a bingo hall owner, it's essential to have in stock a really good supply of bingo markers for sale to your customers. You can buy them wholesale and pass on some of the saving to your community; they'll love you for it, and it's great for business. Don't forget to offer bingo dauber bags too for everyone to keep their bingo markers in!

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