Birthday Party Games

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Birthday party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and hitting the piñata are a thing of the past. Some of the best party games nowadays are not only much more fun, but allow players to exercise quite a bit of creativity. Let's take a look at some ideas.

Birthday Party Games Recommendations

The best birthday party games are the kinds that require a lot of energy and interaction. A game like Guesstures provides this in spades. When it's a team's turn, one person from that team must act out a list of words to try and make their teammates guess as many as possible in the time limit.

Another great party game is Apples to Apples. In this game, players must choose cards from their hand that have people, places, objects or events written on them that are best characterized by a descriptive word. On each turn, a "judge" must decide who made the best association. Some really crazy correlations are often made.

The Right Mood

One of my personal favorite party games is one called Moods. The player whose turn it is has a card with a phrase written on it. The player then has to act out the phrase using an emotion listed on the game board. Players gain points by "betting" on which emotion they thought the person was trying to convey. It's really funny when the emotion and the saying don't go together. (Say, "I think you're ugly," in a flirtatious tone.)

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