Blink Game

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The Blink game proves that the best kinds of games for kids are the simplest ones. The best ones also require kids put their mind to the test. Reflexes and fast thinking are extremely valuable skills to develop. The Blink game is one that helps build such skills very well, and is simply a huge amount of fun to play.

Blink Game Basics

The object of the Blink game is to match cards quickly in order to get rid of the ones in a player's hand. Players must match everything from colors, the number of objects on the card, or the shapes of the objects on the cards themselves.

Both players each start out with their own stack of cards. One card from each pile is placed and turned face down. The players then draw a hand of three cards. Quickly, each player turns the face down cards over, and tries to find a match in their hand. Once one of the three cards is gone, another is drawn from the pile until the player's stack of cards is all gone. The winner yells, "Blink!"

Great Fun

Blink is an incredibly fun game that will not only help a child develop fast thinking and reflexes, but it's also the perfect portable game. It's essentially just a deck of cards. Players can literally play this game anywhere. Some of the best games are the most simple, and this one is a great example of that type of gaming concept.

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