Card Games For Kids

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There are a huge number of really fun card games for kids that are perfect for playing at home or during those long, boring car trips. I have even found that for every new card game that has come out, there is an old one that is just as good.

Card Games for Kids Suggestions

Some of the most successful card games for kids are ones that are merely variations on a classic card game. The game, Phase 10 is very similar to Rummy. Uno and Blink are a lot like War. I have found that different versions of Old Maid and Go Fish are recycled by game manufacturers all the time too.

One of the better card games for children to come along in awhile is Apples to Apples. In it, players have a hand of cards to choose from that they must use to best match a descriptive word. A "judge" decides which player made the most appropriate connection. This game is unique in that it allows for quite a bit of creativity. Discussion is also encouraged as players try to make arguments to the judge as to why they made the choice they did.

Fighting Boredom

Staving off the effects of boredom is probably the most useful aspect of most card games that kids can play. The ones that children actually look forward to and are eager to play are even better. Either way, the name of the game always has to be, first and foremost, fun. If kids enjoy it, then that's all that really matters. A simple deck of cards can sometimes be all that's needed to occupy hours of time.

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