Written by Michael O'Brien
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From the creators of Cranium and Cadoo, Cariboo strays from the game play style of these two games to create a board game experience for very young children in the three to six year old age category. Like most good games, this one helps children to develop some very basic educational skills.

The Island of Cariboo

In Cariboo, players must correctly answer challenges to find treasure hidden beneath spinning tile squares on the game board. The nature of the questions helps children by teaching them the basics of counting, the alphabet, and shape and color recognition. For their efforts, the kids are rewarded by getting a chance to find hidden treasures until all of them are obtained.

One of the most important aspects of games like this is being able to teach important lessons to young children in a way that will make the learning process fun. In a way, you are teaching a child valuable skills behind their back. After all, there's no reason why learning can't be fun too. If only the educational system would take a cue from most board games like this.

Proven Track Record

Although my family has never played this game, and the kids are too old now to enjoy the simplicity of it, I do wish I had known about it when they were younger. Since Cranium and Cadoo are among our favorite games of all time, this one would surely have been added to our so called, "instant classic" list as well.

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