Conga Game

Written by Michael O'Brien
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From the creators of what is, in my humble opinion, quite possibly the greatest game ever made, Cranium, comes the Conga game. This game is a blast to play with a large group, and allows for a lot of fun, high energy creativity that will keep the party going for hours!

Conga Game Rules

The Conga game uses a little device that plays music. The music speeds up as players pass around the box of cards to try and make the group guess what is on the card. The idea behind the game is that players are not guessing a word, but something personal to the person making the others guess. The better everyone knows each other, the more fast and furious the game is.

When the music stops, the person whose turn it is to make the group guess loses the round. I have played games similar to this one, but adding the element of personal knowledge adds a really fun dimension to the game.

Intimate Fun

I have found that some of the best games are ones that test your knowledge of the people you're playing with. This allows for some great "inside joke" humor, which to me is always the funniest. Conga is definitely one of the most fun games I have ever played.

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