Cool Family Games

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There's no end to cool family games. The game industry knows that board games are made for families to spend time together. Game playing truly strengthens family bonds. No matter what a family is a fan of, there are plenty of games to choose from.

Cool Family Games Recommendations

Quiet families may want to steer clear of Cranium, one of the greatest recent inventions in board games. Some challenges in Cranium require nothing more than answering a multiple choice trivia question, but others require players to do impressions, sculpt, draw, or act things out. This is definitely for the outgoing family. Other fun, interactive games include Pictionary and Taboo.

Cool family games still include the classics like Scrabble. Clue is also a fun family game that doesn't require the kind of vocabulary skill Scrabble does if you're playing with younger children. It's easy to learn, funny, and fun to play. A new classic is Apples to Apples, which also has a Jr. edition.

Pursuit of Fun

Trivial Pursuit is a very cool family game as well. The best thing is its flexibility. Trivial Pursuit has Junior editions, movie versions, and specialty genres such as Lord of the Rings. This is a perfect game to play by teaming up family members.

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