Cranium Game

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The Cranium game is the best thing to happen to games since chess. It is a multi-faceted playing experience that has aspects that will appeal to everybody. It was an instant favorite in our house. There's something for every player.

The Cranium Game is Super Fun

The Cranium game may have players do something as simple as answer a multiple-choice trivia question. On the other hand, other categories are much more active. Personally, I like Star Performer. In this category, players may find themselves singing or doing impressions.

Creative Cat is another great category. This brings a Pictionary-like aspect to the game. Players may draw or sculpt something to try to get their partner or team to guess the word or phrase. This is fun and challenging both to participate in and to watch.

Cranium is a Winner

The genius of the Cranium game is that it encompasses so many areas of fun. Logic, creativity, knowledge, and performing come together in one great game experience. This is the game I use to introduce people who are a little shy into game night. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love it.

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