The Eighties Game

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The Eighties Game is a real trip down memory lane. Boy George, Miami Vice, Duran Duran: This was my world. Now, a great way to relive it all is to play The 1980s Game. It's so fun to get together with old friends and reminisce.

It's Totally The Eighties Game

The Eighties Game by Intellinitiative, Inc. is a fantastic trivia game for 80s pop-culture buffs. It's more fun than looking through the high school yearbook, yet equally as nostalgic. Who knows more about the 80s? Certainly anyone weaned on MTV will do great at this game.

The game has over 3,000 questions in five different categories. These categories include music, movies, TV, events, and sports. It's great to play in teams. That way, everyone's special skills can come in handy.

What Are Words For? Games!

This is a great game to play on any occasions, but one might as well host a theme party. I thought I may be better able to answer questions about Cyndi Lauper and Fletch if dressed in my finest parachute pants and sporting a mullet. This game really takes you back.

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