Family Fun Night

Written by Michael O'Brien
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We used to have a family fun night once a month or so. It was so popular though, we now have it once a week. One time, we made family fun night last all day on a Saturday. It's not uncommon for members of other families to join in to when we play.

Going All Out on Family Fun Night

Every now and then, we like to go old school with game night. We'll play Scrabble, Connect Four and Battleship. For two-player games, we'll either team up or organize tournaments. It's even fun to make a beforehand run to the store for some makeshift prizes, like toys, candy or donuts.

Thematic Fun

I like themes. Once, we played The 80s Game and watched The Breakfast Club. That was fun because my wife surprised me by bringing out our old yearbook. It was also fun because the movie was new to the kids and they ended up liking it.

There's no reason to stifle creativity when it comes to family fun and board games. Sure, other people invented the games, but there is still room for improvement and variations. You know your family best. The most fun thing you can do is put together a fun night that everyone will enjoy and remember.

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