Game Boosters

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Game boosters are a great investment. They extend the life of a game where the questions have been recycled so many times, it isn't a challenge anymore because everyone in the family has memorized all the answers. Boosters are also much cheaper than buying a new game.

Game Boosters: Giving a Game New Life

Game boosters are like getting a whole new game. Cranium has a booster pack that not only includes many new questions, but different game play options as well. This makes for entirely new playing experiences.

Inevitably, you'll run through all the questions or activities if you play the game enough. With a game booster, you don't have to worry. You can just replenish the cards and keep playing, making a game's value last that much longer. When buying a game, it's important to take a look to see if it has booster packs available already.

Planning Ahead

Scene It DVD also has a refill. It's a good idea to buy this, as it won't take long to run through all the questions in the game. Sometimes when I buy a game like this, I don't bother waiting until it gets old. I like to plan ahead and buy the booster packs right along with the game.

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